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Great ideas! College expenses keep rising so kids and their parents need to start saving while they're young. You really put a lot of thought in this and it shows!

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thanks you two. This article has been lurking in my brain for years and I read a couple other posts on here that finally gave me the push to give birth to this one. I learned a lot of this from trial and error raising kids. Some I wish I had done more of but you live and learn. I hope it helps someone else.

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I think this post is great. I was 100% responsible for my college costs and knew this froma young age so I worked hard enough to get my school paid for comepletely with scholarships. Iworked really hard in college as well to keep my scholarships and never failed a class. I know many people whose parents paid for their schooling and they did not try to succeed at all because they were not losing any money if they did not succeed

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Excellent suggestions, really! Kids must be made to feel responsible from a young age

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