Cloudberry is a fruit found in Europe,Russia and other Northern Climates. It has many health Benefits and few are listed here for you :

1. Cloudberry is beautifully packed with vitamin C in good quantity and also Vitamin A, and also the leaves of the Cloudberry plant can only be made into a good tea that is very great for urinary tract infections and related disease..

2. Cloudberries also contain a good amount of B Vitamins and E and also contains micro elements such as the elements like phosphorus, good quantity of iron, the magnesium, the cobalt, the silicon, the calcium and also contain a very good amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the carotenoids, the phytosterols, and very good protein.

3. They are also very diuretic, and also help to stop internal bleeding and to improve digestion.

4. Cloudberries have been oftenly used to protect against the serious cardiovascular diseases also kidney disease and the disease of liver and gallbladder. It also prevents anemia and also have been used to treat the chronic fatigue syndrome successfully and even prevent the bad metabolic disorders and to boost respiratory system functions.

5. Cloudberries are very great for the wound healing, also preventing colds and many infections, slowing the process of aging, boosting the immune system effectively and also preventing the cancer and they are very good anti-inflammatory in action helping too.