I have always loved +Redbud Trees. The first one that I remember was in front of my parents home. My father used to plant a few of the seeds each year and gave me one of the trees when we moved into our last home. When I planted it, it was barely a stick coming out of the ground. When we moved 15 years later it was full grown and about 20 feet tall. When we moved I did not so much miss our old house but my garden where I left so much of myself.

When we moved to the Chicago area four years ago, there was not much in the way of landscaping on the sides and back yard so I decided to buy a few of the trees that I loved. I got a redbud for the back corner bed. Redbuds like a little bit of a protected area, and this spot worked well. I am really glad we picked this spot because our family room has windows in the corner and I can see the lovely blooms through the windows in the spring.

Redbuds bloom right from the branches early in spring. After blooming, they begin to sprout medium sized heart shaped leaves. Most Redbuds do not get terribly large or grow so fast that their size can not be controlled. I am hoping that we can enjoy the spring blooms for many years to come.