If you like to garden, then you like to buy plants. Okay, maybe "acquire" is a more accurate verb, but sometimes we have to trade cash for the latest plant we just must have.

A convenient source of plants are the various online nurseries. I've dealt with many of them, and I'd like to share my experiences.

First of all, my preferences in plants lean toward the edible landscaping varieties. Therefore it makes sense that one of my favorite sources is ediblelandscaping.com/ . They have a great selection, good prices, and deliver a quality product. Besides, Michael McConkey seems to be a really nice guy.

A nice family run nursery is www.hiddenspringsnursery.com/ . They have an interesting selection of plants, great prices, and deliver a quality product. I've talked to them a few times on the phone when ordering in years past, and they were always very nice and patient.

Don't overlook indianaberry.com/ . They have a good selection, good prices, and deliver a quality product. (Have I said that before?) They're more of a commercial operation than Hidden Springs, with the good and the bad that entails.

I've dealt with all three of these nurseries many times through the years, and would unhesitatingly recommend them.

I can't forget to mention www.plantdelights.com/ , run by the, *ahem*, interesting Tony Avent. (Personally I like his humor, but if you are a lefty bleeding-heart type, you may take offense.) While this nursery is more of a source for ornamental than edible plants, they have a FANTASTIC selection, okay prices, and fanatically deliver a quality product.

Finally, I need to mention one of the worst online nurseries that you will ever encounter: www.eburgess.com/ . These guys also do business as Four Seasons Nursery, and a few other names. You have probably received one of their catalogs in the mail. When you order a plant from them, you will receive a sparsely rooted stick stuck in a bag which may or may not be completely dead on arrival. They show absolutely NO INTEREST in making sure your plant arrives to you in good shape. Yet ........ I have ordered from them in the past, and will probably do so again in the future. Why? Because their prices are rock-bottom low. So if I want to order some daylilies, bearded iris, or other plant which is hard to kill, (and believe me, Burgess will try!), I'll try my luck with these turkeys. Just realize that not everything you order from them will be alive when you receive it.

One last note: there is a fairly comprehensive review of online nurseries at davesgarden.com/products/gwd/#b . (You can read all about Burgess there!) If you are ordering from a large, long established nursery which is NOT in the listing, (e.g., Ty Ty Nursery in Georgia), it may be because they are so awful they have harassed the Garden Watchdog folks to have their listings removed.