My Cat Tinkerbelle is almost 13 yrs old. He has had many health issues to overcome so the fact that he will celebrate his 13th birthday in May is quite a miracle. A couple years ago we noticed his teeth looked pretty bad but I did not want him to have the dental cleaning surgery due to the stress of anesthesia so I started researching to see what I could find.

I discovered Leba III on the internet and it got good reviews so I thought I would try it. I paid around $50 for it which is a lot but still way cheaper than a dental Cleaning. Read on below for before and after results and photos. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The first photo shows Tinkerbelle before treatment. Notice the thick tartar on the back tooth. I started spraying the Leba III in his mouth as directed twice a day. The spray has no taste and he really does not even mind me doing it. After a couple weeks I noticed the tartar was getting brittle and I was able to scrape off huge hunks of it with my fingernail. You could use a dental tool but I think the danger of hurting a non sedated cat with a dental tool is far greater than just using your fingernail.CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The second photo shows his teeth after 3 weeks of treatment. Notice most of the tartar is now gone but gums are still a bit red.CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

After five weeks of treatment look how clean Tinkerbelle's teeth look? And the redness from his gums is much improved. I continue to use Leba IIl and his teeth look even better. I did not want to bug him to take more pictures as I am sure you can imagine he did not appreciate being the subject of these photos.

Leba III can be used with cats or dogs and I highly recommend it. There is no brushing required. Once you get any tartar off the teeth, just spray once a day to keep the mouth clean.