This 2014 garden season I am working to bring hardscape color to my yard. It's very difficult bringing color to a desert landscape. Texture is very easy, but the selection of plants are often similar in color shade. I had a bunch of old cinderblocks just sitting on the side of my house and it struck me that I could create an adorable planter box, bright in color by turning them into legos.

All photos belong to me.

You will need the following

1. Cinder Block or more depending how many you want to make
spray paint
Cement or Plaster
Resin casting mold coaster style. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby, but they also sell them at Michaels.

Paint the cinderblock and mold 6 cement or casting plaster coasters
Attach the coasters to the cinder blocks using cement or Gorilla Glue

Fill with soil and plant