Today in the quarter-finals of the
Champions League will bring my
favorite club Manchester United
welcomes guests from Germany
that Bayern muenchen . This is
one very big game , but it's just
the state of the two teams
actually inversely , when Bayern
Munich just to make sure they
are as Bundes league champions
so they can really focus on the
Champions League , while
Manchester United in the English
Premier League continues
striving to be better though still
in seventh position . As well as
the composition of the Bayern
Munich player coming to old
trafford in full force without any
problematic players , while losing
some players manchester united
importance of which Evra are
exposed to accumulated yellow
cards in previous matches in the
Champions League against
Olympiakos , Robin van Persie ,
valencia , rafael da silva , smalling
injured . I think it took a miracle
for manchester united , and
hopefully wrote that miracle