After the unexpected mudslide within a scope of 1 square mile at Snohomish County within Oso, Washington which happened 22 March 2014, the technical teams doing the dangerous search assumed the whole area as lifeless. They did not find any one survivor since the search operation began.

As of 26 March, 30 houses were completely destroyed, 24 dead people have been accounted for with around 200 still missing. The cause of the mudslide was attributed to the heavy rains happened the last 3 days prior to the incident. The heavy flow of mud came from a hill which now looks like a chopped giant chocolate. The debris that covers around 1.5 kilometers long and 4.4 kilometers wide is said to be one of the worst mudslide in history. Brad Owen, Washington Lieutenant Governor declared Snohomish County under the state of emergency.

May we continue offering prayers to all the bereaved families, those who were injured and lost their properties in this tragic event, and may this unwanted incident strengthen our love, support and concern with one another.

Image Credit: My Own photo taken and edited through my Nokia mobile phone.

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