Last summer I discovered a new product by Miracle Gro called Expand N Gro Potting Mix. What a great idea. Instead of buying a huge heavy bag of potting soil I was able to buy a small bag of dehydrated and compact soil that would swell to several times it's size. You can see from the pictures how adding water expands this soil.

I loved using this soil because I could put some in the bottom of my bucket and then just run the hose in it to expand it enough. It was a lot neater and easier to pour than normal potting soil. The main thing though that I loved was being able to buy a small light weight bag instead of a huge heavy one. While I was planting my annuals if I wanted to include a little extra soil in the ground, I just took a small amount of the dry soil and sprinkled it loosely around the plant. When I would later water it, it would expand and fill in the spaces.

I really enjoyed working with Miracle Gro Expand N Gro and will be buying it again this spring.

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Article and Photo ©Becky Brooks 2013