Yes, this is something that I have been pondering since the Malaysian Flight went missing. There have been references to the black box, which is the box that records the planes data. Odd thing about this box is it’s called a black box, but these boxes are bright orange. So, why aren’t they called an orange box, or just called the data box. My sister who worked in a school especially had an issue with this last night, her reaction was that she could just see a young kid questioning why such a box was called one color when it was clearly another. I can see how this could be confusing for a kid it was confusing me. So, I went to look it up and see why this was the case.

Turns out from what I was able to find out, when these boxes first came into existence they were painted black hence the name black box. The reason the color was ultimately changed to bright orange or yellow as the case may also be is because these were easier colors to find in case of a crash. Since these boxes were so important to give information into what could have went wrong; the color change was considered important. But perhaps with the color change maybe a name change could have also been order. Such as just calling this, what it actually is the data box? After all as my sister said adults may be able to understand but a kid could have a hard time with this one, after all kids can tend to take things very literally.

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