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Strike the Blood Season 2 Date Release

Are you a twilight fan or Castlevania game fan? If yes, then this anime is right for your taste. Strike the Blood has very good anime reviews on plenty anime sites. The story is really on the line for a vampire story. As well all know, vampires are really attractive to a woman's eye which made the main char, Kojou Akatsuki very realistic on his role.

Well, Strike to Blood is about to end and yet too many questions are still unanswered. Chances are good that the anime would end open-ended just like Koroko no Basket. If you are a Strike the Blood anime fan then I am sure that you are curious about the other progenitors. Only two progenitors were showed on the first season of the anime.

For me, Strike the Blood deserves a second season because I haven't read the light novel yet. LMAO! On the 23rd episode of the first season, only 5 familiars were showed although Kojou Akatsuki has 12 familiars from Avrora. The fourth progenitor hasn't bitten Kanon Kanase yet and the identity of Kojou Akatsuki's younger Nagisa Akatsuki is still a mystery though.



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