Kapurung is one of the traditional meal from South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Ingredients :
• 200grams Starch (sago)
• a bunch of young bean leaves
• a bunch of long beans, cut into 3 cm
• 100grams sweet corn
• 500grams fresh tuna fillets
• 5 lime fruit, take water
• Water and salt to the taste

chilli seasoning :
• 2 tablespoon chili powder
• 2 pieces of tomatoes
• Salt and sugar to the taste
• 2 lime fruit, take water
• Mashed chili powder, tomato, salt, then then mix well with water the juice of limes

How to make kapurung part 1 :
1. Mix starch with water until dilute.
2. Simmer while in stirring continue until mature.
3. Add more water if necessary. prepare a basin on the contents of the boiled water to taste, not to gluey.
4. While it is still hot, use 2 chopsticks to take the dough and shape into round, immediate input into the basin. do until the dough runs out.

How to make kapurung part 2 :
1. After the clean washer. Boiled the young beans leaves to cook, approximately 1liter of water.
2. After cook, input long beans and sweet corn.
3. Then input fresh tuna fillets, stir until all of the cook.
4. Input water the juice of limes and salt to the taste, stir until everything is cooked.
5. After vegetables cook, pour into the basin containing the dough, mix well.
6. Ready to serve while still hot in. Put the chili sauce on it.