The Russian and foreign experts raised alarm about escalating political tensions in Crimea after the Crimean parliament to vote on the merger in Russia .
According to Gazeta , experts agree on the risk perspective Cold War occurred but the cause of non- armed struggle to a new conflict between the analyst .

Soldiers in uniform do not carry badges , believed to be Russian soldiers in the Crimea . Photo: AP .
According to Piotr Koscinski - the head of the program at the Oriental Institute of International Relations, Poland , any effort by Russia to " conquer the Crimea by force " are not acceptable in the international community and actually, that could lead to a new Cold War .

Conversely , director of the Center for Public Policy Research Vladimir Evseev said that it was the " political myopia " of the West could cause the Cold War .

" The precondition of a new Cold War is not the Crimean referendum , which is the view of the West - is politically shortsighted and extremely one-sided " - Evseev he said.

He also pointed out that the West is by all means to put pressure on Russia and ready to cause unrest on the whole territory of Ukraine .

Crimean referendum is legal ?
Koscinski see no reason to secede from Ukraine Crimea , " by the interests of Russian citizens living in the peninsula is absolutely no threat ."
Researchers said that the soldiers were Russian soldiers are deployed in the Crimea , not only in the Russian military bases , but also around the local government building , Simferopol airport and the military base Ukraine .
" Therefore, Russia can fully be themselves allegedly directed the entire referendum initiative this " - Koscinski said .
Evseev also argued that the upcoming referendum in Crimea even legitimate than the recent actions of the authorities in Kiev Ukraine , because they had to use force to retain .
According Evseev , the interim government in Kiev today expressed interests not of the entire country Ukraine , which is the area just west of the country .
" Crimea have the right to voice their views and their decision about whether they want to continue to be a part of Ukraine or incorporated into Russia . And the authorities are seeking to prevent the aspirations of their citizens . They did not have any basis to prevent the referendum , "he stressed Evseev .