Officials of Malaysia say that flight is not found till now. So they are assuming that flight has been hijacked and moved to some location.
They say that if the hijackers might have shifter the plane course to different location. But there is no demands from them as of now. They didnot contact the officials for any thing. There is no strong evidence behind the hijack but they believe that this is a hijacker work.
Some of the experts say that it might have exploded in the air itself and the debris might have gone deep into the sea.
If that happens then it wont rise up since the amount of pressure involved in that incident will get that plane and debris to shift below the sea.
So they think that might also the chance of disappearance of flight and its debris.
Even after 1 week has passed there is no sure information on this matter. This is the worst incident happend till now in the world.
14 different countries are working in this case but till now there is no answer for it.
Hope we find some or the other answer for the case so that it will be solved soon.


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