There are a lot of great athletes in the world of sports in basketball there is Michael Jordan, in boxing there is Manny Pacquiao, but in the world of Kyokushin Karate there is Akiyoshi “Shokei” Matsui. He started training in Kyokushin Karate when he was 13 years old was able to achieve the black belt rank by just a year, now that’s what I call a genius because some black belts achieve their rank around 2 to 3 years but for Matsui he was able to achieve it in a year. He has an impressive record when he was joining tournaments. His skill is unparalleled and some say that he is considered as the most technical fighter in full contact Karate. He has a very flexible kick which I find it very amusing at times because he really has a good way of knocking his opponents off the ground when he uses his sweep kicks. His high kick is also very much feared because the speed he does with that particular kick. He is graceful and vicious at the same time. Some full contact karate practitioners have their own special move. But Matsui is one of the few who has a lot of specialty moves varying from kick combinations to hard hitting punches. I can say that when Mas Oyama was still living he can be considered as his favorite because of the talent that this person has in fighting, I say this because I observed in all the videos that I have seen, he can be always found beside Mas Oyama. What is very impressive with this guy is that he is the second Karateka who was able to finish the 100 man kumite (sparring), he also bears the record as the fastest person to finish that particular challenge. In the 4th World Tournament he was able to defeat Michael Thompson and Andy Hug. He was able to face Akira Masuda in the finals and he was able to defeat him. Before Mas Oyama passed away Matsui was given the (Kancho) Chairman position of the IKO (International Karate Organization). When this happened the organization was split into 3 groups because there are people who can’t accept the fact that the highest position was awarded to Matsui not to the people disputing the position. But because of this Kyokushin Karate spread over the globe even more. Because of the leadership of “Kancho” Matsui Kyokushin Karate became more popular and is now being recognized by many countries as the strongest Karate.






+Black-belt This picture shows how swiftly he can kick from someone who wants to get close to him in a fight.