I am really curious to what happen to the Malaysian Airplane. It cannot be traced until but some says that the contact numbers of some passengers are still ringing. Could it be possible that they are still alive? But there are no traces to be found? Years ago, Amelia Earheart was lost too along with the airplane she is driving. Until now, there were no debris or traces about the said accident. It's been a week since the Malaysian airplane was lost, and my heart goes out to the family of the lost passengers too.

What could really happen to that plane? But despite this tragedy, we should not lose our hope. We should have strong faith in God and in the end we can find some answers about this mystery plane. We Filipinos are sad too upon hearing that news and our prayers goes out to the family of the lost passengers and the pilots too. Hope authorities can seek some information about the plane so that the family can have some peace.