The long wait was over to all aspiring Teen Dabawenyas who've joined last Saturday, March 8 for the Pre-Qualification Screening and Interview of Miss Teen Philippines 2014 happened at The Ritz Hotel Garden Oases Convention Hall, one of Davao major sponsors.

Upon getting into the anteroom, I've seen intensely anxious faces from both parents, guardians and the applicants.

Teen Dabawenyas from different region of Davao lined up and be listed in the screening.

The screening started at nine(9) in the morning and while awaiting for their names to be called, applicants are given free YAKULT(MTP 2014 National major sponsor) and Davao Mobile Bar Juice(MTP Davao's sponsor)and for them to relax and slow down and not sense the nervous atmosphere surround them.

Davao reached up to 50+ applicants, that comprise the online and walk-in applicants.

The judging process is the most hard and tough job during the screening.

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