The Malaysian Flight 370 mystery continues, with no solid answer as to what exactly happened to this flight carrying some people whose loved ones have been missing them for these past few or so days. This must be really heart wrenching for them and I send out my continued prayers and thoughts towards them. I feel like the men who stole the passports do not have anything to do with this flight disappearance, from all the info I have been reading. Someone I know of brought up the fact that there is something called the Dragon Triangle. This is something that is like the Bermuda Triangle where some of the other missing aircrafts have been known to get swallowed up by, so to speak. I have read a little about this other mysterious Dragon Triangle today after being told about it. I never heard of it before, not the Dragon Triangle anyways. Perhaps if there is a Devil's Sea, which it is also known by, that is where the plane and people went down in. What are your thoughts on this?

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