A number of aircraft staking the air, ships deployed to comb the sea, even the Ministry of Defence 10 satellites to enable China to help locate the bird iron Malaysia Airlines MH370. So far to no avail.

Where the Boeing 777 was located along with 239 people in it is still a mystery. Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact on Saturday, March 8, 2014 early morning at 02:40 when the neighboring country. He was no longer observed radar. Plus, there was no indication the pilot sends a signal 'mayday' - a marker of distress. That may mean, any issues affecting aircraft, happened so fast.

Mystery disappearance of the neighboring country aircraft carrier sparked a number of conspiracy theories. From the sensible to the 'crazy'.

1. Terrorist Attack
Alleged terror surfaced after the fact revealed that two passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane using stolen passports. The apparatus also investigating this possibility.

International Police (Interpol), based in France confirmed the passport of each one from Italy and Austria entered into their database after it was stolen in 2012 and 2013.

"While it is too early to speculate about the relationship between stolen passports and plane missing, obviously concerned that passengers can ride an international flight using stolen passports listed in the Interpol database," said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K Noble.

Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said authorities were examining four suspicious names on the passenger list. Also has contacted the FBI and other intelligence agencies. So far there is no valid evidence that shows no indication of a bomb on board the plane.

2. Spontaneous explosion
After more than 50 hours of searching the Boeing B777-200 in the sea lanes under the route, there is no evidence was found related to the potential for accidents.

Some researchers argue, could mean a lack of evidence of debris, there is potential for the aircraft suddenly exploded and destroyed at an altitude of about 35,000 feet.

Reuters quoted a senior source involved in the investigation, stating the search focused on the possibility of aircraft destroyed in the air.

"The fact that we have not found any debris so far may indicate a possible aircraft destroyed at an altitude of about 35 thousand feet," said the source.

With no hope of discouraging the victim's family, spokesman Ignatius Ong Malaysia Airlines has told relatives, "To prepare for the worst."

3. Hidden in Vietnam
Two large puddles of oil were found in the waters of Vietnam last Saturday was not coming from the missing plane. One of a growing conspiracy theory calls, the pirates currently holding the passengers and crew in an airport that no longer function.

The theory is supported by the recognition of a number of colleagues and relatives who claim to phone loved ones who were lost in the plane can be reached. Even a f

4. Biometrics Industry interests
Some people theorize, accidents related to the manufacturer of biometric passports. Last March, the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) - The newly formed - released a statement, which discussed the importance of biometric passports and a number of safety in travel safety.

Following reports that used stolen passports of passengers on Malaysia Airlines, SIBA released another statement about how the use of biometrics 'to save costs' and quick to condition the safety and security of air travel. However, this theory is totally unfounded. Is merely conjecture.

5. Alien, Hollywood, or U.S. Aggression
The theory is that one involves imagination and sainsfiksi. Some people associate the fateful plane with alleged alien abduction style. Or maybe the air is sucked into the Bermuda Triangle style.

Anything else is suspect, the loss is due to Malaysia Airlines MH370 'aggression' U.S. secretly.

More fantastic conspiracy theory that the crash was even called Hollywood action campaign for the film 'Lost'.

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