Blood vessels can be narrowed due to fatty deposits. This condition will further lead to inflammation caused by a pile of cholesterol and plaque in arteries, and high blood pressure. If the thickness of plaque, blood vessels can become clogged, which could end up having a heart attack or stroke.

Do not let yourself get attacked by a deadly disease that is not contagious. Come prevent blockage of blood vessels by increasing the intake of this fruit.

Kiwi and Melon

Both these fruits are rich in antioxidants, the antidote to free radicals, which are useful reducing LDL cholesterol. If the excess LDL in the body will cause the blood vessels and appeared rusty plaque.

Antioxidants will stop the activity of LDL in the form of rust, and prevent the spread of rust. Eat a bowl of melon or kiwi fruit per day, to prevent blockage in the arteries.

Red wine and cranberry

Bebuahan it will expel fat from the blood vessels, and improve the ability of cells to absorb the fat that is then used to produce energy in a more optimal. So, too did not get fat accumulate in the blood vessels.

So that is always clean blood vessels and blood flow smoothly, drink a glass of cranberry juice three times a week or eating a bowl of red wine every day.