The fate of the aircraft Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared on Saturday (08/03/2014) morning, until now unknown. Much speculation about the fate of circulating air Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route that carries 239 passengers.

One of the worst scenarios that may occur on the flight were destroyed or plane exploded in the air. The international investigators involved in the search MH370 now explore these possibilities.

Actually, how likely MH370 destroyed in the air? What triggered the explosion? Are bombs? Former Air Force Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim said, in the absence of radio communication before it lost contact, the possibility exists destroyed in the air and must be taken into account.

"If that happened is engine damage or other problems, the pilot still had a chance to communicate by radio," said Chappy when contacted on Monday (3/10/2014) afternoon.

"The absence of radio communications indicate that the aircraft suffered a sudden something so difficult to anticipate. Could have sabotaged the plane, the pilot was killed, or the plane exploded in the air," said Chappy.

So far, Chappy has not dared to conclude that the most likely occurred in MH370. He just mentioned, the possibility that the aircraft exploded in the air destroyed because there really is. He supported the investigation in that direction.

If it explodes, what causes it? Chappy said, "The explosion could be triggered by many things, not always bomb. Explosion could have occurred due to passenger luggage at baggage explosive nature."

The explosion, when it occurs, can have two scenarios. First, large-scale explosions that destroy aircraft. "When this happens, the aircraft will be destroyed and debris scattered over a wide area so it is hard to find," said Chappy.

If an explosion occurs on a smaller scale, Chappy said, "The plane will fall." However, the debris will be crushed and dispersed in a larger area more narrow range.

So far, the aircraft exploded in mid-air incidents recorded occurred twice. In 1985, Air India flight exploded over the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, in 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over the town of Lockerbie, Sweden. Both incidents occurred as the plane cruised at an altitude of 31,000 feet.

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