Hey everybody! I was just chewing a bubblegum, and I suddenly thought of my cousin, who hates bubble gums! I have no idea why he does it! but he likes to stay away from it!

Well, I don't like to chew it for too long too, as it will kill the taste and also make my jaws pain for some time after throwing it out! I am not the sort of guy who likes to chew chewing gums or eat candies :D. I mean who does it when they have grown up except......uh, many people :D

Anyways, did you guys ever hated chewing gums because of something that happens because of them? maybe a group of chewing gum tried to eat your teeth? well, I am sorry for you if that happened :D. Anyways, for all you peeps out there which loves to chew bubble gums, what is the best way to find a good bubble gum? or which brand is the best? :D. Anyways, good bye fro now guys! see you all soon! hopefully :)