We have to assume the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with all 239 people on board.

When the flight, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared off the radar, it would have had a maximum ninety minutes flying time before the fuel ran out.

The way it disappeared from the screens, there one minute, gone the next and the lack of any Mayday calls or distress signals points to a massive in-air explosion destroying the aircraft. Mystery number one.

Mystery number two, where is the wreckage? Flying at over thirty thousand feet, the wreckage would have spread over a massive area yet nearly 48 hours later, nothing has been found. The oil slicks and flotsam spotted off the coast of Vietnam have been discounted.

An airborne catastrophe of this magnitude immediately shouts explosion, terrorists, but while many thought it, nothing was mentioned. Until that is, it was discovered two passengers were flying on stolen passports, with another two suspect passengers being checked out.

Now the search area has been increased because it would seem the aircraft may have turned round and started back towards Malaysia. How has this come about?

A Vietnam military radar operator says he had an unidentified radar blip flying in the other direction and further West of where the aircraft should have been. Why wasn’t this change of route noted on the civilian radar, why a military radar. Mystery number three.

Further North, in the South China Sea, a dispute has been running between Japan and China over disputed uninhabited Islands. China declared a no-fly zone for military aircraft and the US responded by flying military aircraft through the zone claiming it to be illegal and in international airspace.

Although China said civilian flights could use the air corridors, they would have had to transmit an identification signal, to inform ground control they were a civilian flight.

This flight was headed to Beijing. Whether the proposed route was overland or following the coast up the South China Sea hasn’t been mentioned.

New scenario.........Flight 370 was flying without emitting the required signal, failure of the system, forgetfulness, whatever. The civilian radar operator has misplaced where it disappeared off the radar, it was further north.

America we know operates Stealth fighter bombers but it is now known China also has them. A fighter aircraft has gone up, from where makes no difference, fails to establish contact with the aircraft and assumes a military surveillance aircraft.

An air to air missile is launched out of visual contact, probably from 30-40km away. The Stealth fighter turns away and possibly, away from the scene, turns off jamming and is noticed on the military radar.

A rather fanciful scenario? Maybe, but until something more concrete comes to light, throw it in the melting pot.

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Pic c/o By Boeing Dreamscape (K58552) [CC-BY-2.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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