Today we are going to abut the Aadhar (The Unique Identification card). Aadhar is a card for unique identification. It is issued by UIDAI to individuals for the purpose of creating a unique identification of every single person. Authar is a 12 digit number, unique for every individual. It is given to them who is apply for it. Unique Identification Authority of India is the regulatory body especially for this purpose
We can get the Aahar card for any individuals of any age. Adhere card will be issued to children also for creating a unique identity. Person residential address as well as biometric details which is collected and is stored in a centralized storage unit. Biometric details are fingerprints, photograph and also the iris scan.
Aadhar number can be used for opening bank accounts as well as getting the gas connection , applying for the passport , booking e-tickets and many purposes. So it is essential for each and every individual.
Aadhar is not a compulsory card. Anyone who wish to get this card can apply for it. Direct Benefit Transfer also can give by using Aadhar identification. You can know about the status of Aadhar card in UIDAI website. You can google it and you can surely get it.
It is a proof of identity to all the citizens of India. Including infants is the specialty of the card.
We cannot create fake identities in this card, because each and every person biometric information is different.