A month or so I heard about this app called beestripe. The idea behind the app is to earn coins from a few tasks but mostly from challenging other users to trivia games. Each player puts up a certain amount of their coins and the winner gets all the coins. The coins can then be traded in for rewards like gift cards. I love random trivia so I was excited to discover this app at first but I have now realized that it is not worth my time. For the smallest rewards that are worth about $5 you need over 11,000 coins. Since earning opportunities are limited, the only way to earn many coins is through playing against other users. The problem is that everyone is afraid of losing their coins so when you get over 5000 coins almost everyone rejects your challenges. If no one will play against you, you will never earn the rewards you want. I will be deleting this app off of my ipod touch after I post this bubble. I hope my post will keep some people from wasting their time trying it.