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Okay, everyone take a deep breath and relax hehe This rant is not exactly AT Bubblews, it is rather about what I have been witnessing ON Bubblews.
Now for the most part I am one of those people who says "Hey .. my business is my business and your business is yours" and to some degree I still will say that which is why I wont name names or report people for what is so blatantly obvious. I simply believe in karma, what comes around goes around.

So.. what am I complaining about? Every time I connect with someone I take a look at their posts and try to find something I like... just trying to be neighborly ya know and I am finding a lot and I mean A LOT of people writing blogs that they DID NOT WRITE! Sometimes they don't even have the common sense to remove the quotation marks around the script.

The other things that is starting to wear on my nerves a bit is constantly seeing recipes (I am about to really anger some of my connects with this statement I think).... but so be it. Hey, God bless you if you are an awesome cook and you want to share your special recipe with others.... that rocks! I actually used to be a cook and then later a pantry A+Chef at the Ritz Carleton Esplinade in Phx, Az. Point of that statement is this, I know a lot of these recipes and they are not originals out of someones personally written recipe book. Is that not A+plagiarism?

Like I said, I would never be the A+Reporting type (that was when I posted this, now I report!).... but if I am going to take the time to view your A+Blogs because of a


A+Notification that you posted... can it please be something YOU WROTE that is at least mildly interesting?

NOTE- The photo is a pic of me taken with my A+Cellphone and then edited with a couple different apps.


Like to catch a PLAGIARIZER (the vultures picking off someone elses effort) and get them off Bubblews ?
Plagiarism Checker smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/
Just Check Post/ Flag Post .... have a nice day.
Instructions and reasons to do it --
Bubblews Redemption Taking Too Long Complaints- www.bubblews.com/news/447577-bubblews-redemption-taking-too-long-complaints