The point being made in this quick tutorial is that Short Punchy Titles work best at Bubblews. They’ll get you views and make you more pennies.

You were curious what this post was about, and may have guessed exactly what it was already. You opened it, viewed it and I got a penny, so thank you.

Short posts will be read, liked and commented on more than long posts at bubblews. I think having quality longer posts is very important for the site too, but keep in mind that using short titles and writing at least SOME short posts will earn you some extra pennies.

This post is a Help for Newbies tutorial.

Thanks for the Likes, and comments.

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Here’s a recent non-tutorial post of mine --- thanks for looking at it.

Bubblews is a social sharing website that pays part of their ad revenue to its members. You write a post and every time someone views it, likes it and/or comments you earn pennies.

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