Tensions are rising between UKRAINE and RUSSIA, the situation now between these two countries is now like “CAT and DOG”, in any situation a war may break out, and amid all this “US” is poking its head
to resolve this crises, UN is holding EMERGENCY MEETING all around the clock.

US is threatening to for “COMPLETE ISOLATION”, if RUSSIAN TROOPS didn’t back out from Crimea
not only US, even” CANNADA, UK, GERMANY”. US has already stopped preparation for G8 MEETING
which is due to be held in SOCHI.

Russian troops have already started surrounding Ukrainian military bases. Prime Minister has already
said “ this is war, in a press meet .

By this we can say that it is eminent that war is going to happen. GLOBAL STOCKS have already fallen
down by few points fearing UKRAINIAN PRESENT SITUATION.

But let’s hope war does not happen, WAR IS ONLY GOING TO BRING MORE PAIN AND SORROW, LET’S