Surely we all known notion of impossible love, but few know how to treat it. I'll give a personal example: I was in love with a guy for 3 years who had done a real obsession, although we called iubire.Am I got to do a real passion for it, I Rodic on a pedestal, I thought perfect boy, I bombarded every day with messages, I called, I went to block him only to see, I was humiliated without realizing, and he knew how to take advantage of this situation. I never realized how insistent and desperate I devenit.Stateam daily, making new plans to conquer zadarnice.Interpretam every gesture and it's the way I saw nothing convenea.Numai around me and just had nothing in my head than he! always refused to have a relationship, and although I did not give any reason, it was clear that I was offering the tray and I did not let him do anything. He got me swearing, gossip me, but I was too blind did not want to accept that feels nothing for me and I always forgive, no matter what. Until the day came when I saw the reality: I came to steal in front of me (phone card) through various tricks and even offered me deflowered him to show him that I understood it iubesc.Atunci who is really, I saw all faults, and gave true face, although it was late. It was very difficult, but after some steps I finally managed to get it out of my mind and heart, and today when I see him on the street, I do not curprinde no thrill and I do not want to cry. Try the best, like when you like a boy, try to know him better, him going through different situations in which to observe behavior and not the first place never mind. I let the opportunity to conquer and to demonstrate that deserve your love. In life, we fall in love often, but not always the right person to impaetaseasca feelings with which we have a serious relationship. Many of us have experienced unrequited love, then perhaps more groans and acum.Cand notice that you always take the initiative, and they will refuse to different reasons, not insist: the message is clear! Chemistry and physical attraction is there, whether we nu.Nu can control who we fall in love with him and nor do the people I love to fall in love with us. Trying to be more stylish boys and girls escape scenes, giving them to understand by certain gestures and that they are not interested in them: do not look, do not call, not interested to know their personality, hobbies, friends them avoid it looking just for sex, refused in case of not receiving signals. That usually happens: we want to have what we have and not what you get with a lot of hard work. Girls, try not to waste time and energy dreaming of impossible love, but give yourself a chance to know how many guys, analyze them and eventually you will meet and the boy is right for you.