When I was young and living in Los Angeles County, California, I often saw pictures of the South where the trees were draped with garlands of Spanish moss. I always thought I’d like to see those trees. I never really expected to.

When I was in my thirties, we moved to Thousand Oaks in Ventura County. There were, as you might guess, a lot of oak trees there, but I never saw Spanish moss on any of them. They only wore leaves and acorns in the proper seasons.

Then I moved to the Templeton Gap wine country in North San Luis Obipso County. Here, many of the oak and even fruit trees are attired in Spanish moss. The oaks also wear mistletoe, which gives them some green when they lose their leaves. When Bubblews’ Champagne wrote in www.bubblews.com/news/238932-air-plants-thrive-on-neglect wrote that Spanish moss was an air plant, I commented back that we also had it in California, which surprised her a bit. You won’t find it in many parts of California. I don’t remember seeing any until I moved here. But now I should like to show you what our oaks look like.

As I was looking through my photos, I was trying to find examples where the moss is close enough to see. What surprised me was how many oaks did not have it. Because most of the places I walk are in canyons and oak forests, where the oaks are covered with moss, I just take it for granted that oaks wear moss, and don’t even notice when it isn’t there – unless I’m looking for it.

This picture was taken on a walk along Dover Canyon Road in Paso Robles. It's hot in summer, mild the rest of the year. The road leads through an oak forest that almost looks enchanted because of all the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. This is about five miles from where I live.This tree lives in a forest on land adjoining mine and is part of the Croad Vineyard property. The forest sits behind the winery buildings.This oak is on our property, down the hill toward the road.This last tree is on Jack Creek Road, not far from a creek. It's another lovely place to take a walk. It's about five miles west of my home.