A lot of people who come to Mexico think that everyone here is into bullfighting. The truth is that bullfighting has very small approval rating in the country. The latest poll I saw said that only 15% of the people in Mexico enjoy bull fighting and a little over half want it to be banned. There have been already a few states and cities which have made bullfighting illegal and yet there is a big arena right in Mexico City.

Just like it is the case with everything else, it is about money. Mexico City is pretty liberal, but there is still enough corruption that they have not managed to make this barbaric display of animal cruelty illegal. It has been tried before, but it has failed. Politicians are bought so the arena is still open.

The worst part is that the tourists who think it is part of the culture do not realize that it is not something most Mexicans like so they g and witness it. I have never met one that has gone in there and thought it was a good idea. Without an exception, every time you stand outside the arena you will see at least a couple of tourists come out of there crying because of what they just saw.

If you visit Mexico City then do us all a favor. Do not spend your money watching this crap. As long as money keeps coming in, bullfights will stay open. Bullfights are not culture, they are not art… they are glorified animal cruelty.

Photo Source facebook.com/pages/STOP-Bullfighting-NOW