This article will provide the ranking of 15 cp heroes. This WILL include the alternate costumes too.

5) SHE HULK - She used to be my favorite hero in early levels but after some time we grow tired of her. As she is more of an early asset into the game. She gives the new players a idea how bruiser class is. she has no passive. Her first do moderate damage second move gives her an extra turn and her third turn stuns. Fourth move exploits stuns. As i said she is more of an early asset.

4) MS. MARVEL - She has improved somewhere after her update but still is mainly used early levels. She is the cheapest blaster and a bargain at the start. As you will have iron man and he is nothing without his fourth move or his suit. Ms. marvel can do good damage and restores health and stamina slowly. you will want to buy her at the start of your campaign and she will leave you at maximum 70-80 lvl.

3) INVISIBLE WOMAN - She is an infiltrator but still i have not understood how her counter attack works sometimes she puts shield and sometimes she attacks. no matter whatever your level maybe her alternate suit shields will continue to annoy you. She is very good and don't underestimate her at the start of your recruitment because of her low damage, she improves a lot over time.

2) CYCLOPS - He was only a damager before, now he puts very nasty debuffs and does good damage. His p5 alternate alt makes your team do a lot more damage
and his mastery suit makes your team survive a lot more longer. His third move makes a lot of counter attacks and second move makes the classes go down. First move makes a lot of follow up attacks. He is one of the best players and you will use him at every level.

1) IRON FIST - Nothing special without his suit but he becomes deadly in his suit. He has the best healing power in the suit which also removes debuffs from your team. His first move has fatal blow which is only granted to certain players and second move does huge damage if setup and used at proper time. his fourth move is the only one in the game which can be used even stunned. get his suit and he will become on of your best assets. an all round character.