I pop some duck egg today just for a snack while working. Its different from pop egg that I made before.
It’s easy made since I have 2 left over baby duck egg the other night.


2 boiled baby duck egg
Achuete powder (food color)
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil
Vinegar with chopped red onions for dippings. ( make sure its been all together for like 5-6 hours or overnight for the good taste)


Peel carefully the duck egg
Roll them in the flour so it will not be wet all the time.
Mix flour , water , achuete powder , salt and pepper all together until you creat a thick texture or batter.
Heat up your cooking oil or deep fryer. Yes it needs to be deep fried
Once the oil is hot enough, put the the duck egg to the batter and cover it carefully using a spoon.
Make sure you will not hit the baby duck when you put it in the pan.
Cook for like 5-7 minutes or until the coat turn crispy.
Let it cool and dry in the paper towels.
Cut in the middle

Serve with vinegar and salt .Or with cucumber (optional)

Photo Credit to the Author: (I own the photo, i took it using my phone and put credit to myself using Photoscape because it is free to use)

That is my finish product. Home made by me.