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I still see people on a forum that I’m a member of asking whether is +Bubblews legit. Some complained of not getting paid and there were a few others that had been +Paid-by-Bubblews . I of course belong to the latter group of people who had been paid by Bubblews.

One forum member even said that he wouldn’t waste his time on Bubblews after all the complaints that he’s read about the website. I replied that I’m glad I “wasted” my time on Bubblews. Bubblews is so addictive. When I first joined Bubblews, I didn’t go to any other website except for Bubblews.

The addiction is still there. Whenever, I wake up in the morning and switch on my computer, the first website that I will check out is Bubblews. I enjoy reading all the posts that are on Bubblews. Some of them make me laugh while others make me thoughtful.

I don’t publish too many posts daily. I can manage maybe seven posts at the most and at worst only one post in a day. I feel that reading what others have to say and commenting on them give me more pleasure than publishing my own posts.

And to all those who questioned is Bubblews legit, of course, Bubblews is legit. It’s new so there will be many growing pains but it is absolutely 100% legit. But if people still don’t believe that Bubblews is legit then it’s their loss. I’m enjoying myself here.

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