My wife and mother in law have taught me some amazing lessons on living a positive life and making good things happen simple by believing they will happen. One such lesson is called “Unlimited Abundance”. I believe they originally got the idea from a book by Christie Marie Sheldon, an Intuitive Healer and Medium.

Unlimited Abundance is the practice of believing the universe will provide the things you need when you need them. By telling yourself “I have an unlimited abundance of money” you send a message to the universe that you believe money will present itself when needed, and it helps maintain a positive attitude toward otherwise stressful situations. You may not always know how the money will present itself, but it will come.

Unlimited Abundance is a “positive out, positive in” technique – one that is built upon the belief that you life and the things in it can be shaped by the energy you put out in the universe. The idea seems far-fetched, but it’s actually a simple method that many self-proclaimed happy people use to keep themselves from dwelling on the negative things that happen in their lives.

People that believe that it’s possible to win the lottery don’t have any better odds of winning than someone who doesn’t – but they are more likely to play. Similarly, someone with a positive attitude toward their financial situation is no more likely to be handed a job opportunity than someone who believes they’ll always be poor - the positive person is much more likely to see a good opportunity when it arises.

Lately, I’ve been reminding myself of my own Unlimited Abundance. After my sudden rise to riches and immediate fall from it with a rare book, I’ve suspected that some large amount of money is floating around the universe just waiting to smack me in the face. I will be ready for it when it presents itself!

So, universe, I’ll take my million dollars now, thank you.

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