The +Fashion of taking ' +Selfies ' self-portraits with the phone, and placing the result on the social network can cause +Mental-problems such as +Depression or +paranoia, if public recognition is not obtained, a Thai doctor warns .

" Paying too much attention to published photos, controlling who looks at or who you like and who says , hoping to achieve the greatest possible number of likes is a sign that the ' selfies ' are causing a problem," declares panpimol Wipulakorn specialist , Thai mental health department .

The expert said that such behavior could lead to brain problems in the future, especially those related to the lack of confidence in oneself.

" The ' selfie ' have an impact on the lives of every individual. Post photos to seek approval from colleagues is in the nature of man. If people do one thing and gets a small reward , return to repeat the act , "says the doctor.

However, this reward is to achieve social acceptance has different effects depending on the person : some are content getting a few "likes " while others "need" to achieve all that they can and " addicts " become this social recognition , shelled panpimol .

Those who fail the expected amount of support will choose to publish a new snapshot , but if the answer remains negative could damage the confidence of the person or create negative thoughts to oneself. the security and self-esteem are crucial in the development of people to achieve happiness and personal satisfaction , says the doctor.

The absence , however , causes nerves , doubts and unhappiness of the individual, which could lead to major problems such as paranoia , depression, and personality susceptible jealous behaviors .

" I do not think I will have any problem in future to share my photos with my friends. Always makes excited to see that many people like what you share on ' +Facebook ' or ' +Instagram ' , but I do not obsess with it, "he told Efe Sirirat Suakaewnoy student communication in Bangkok.

The " Siam Paragon " mall, which daily receives thousands of locals and tourists in Bangkok , won this year's award for most popular among fans of the social network " Instagram " application where they hang increasingly 55 million photos , ahead of +Times-Square , +Disneyland and the +Eiffel-Tower .

"I feel funny posting pictures about things I like, places I visit , my lunch and humor with which I get up in the morning ," says Nink Manadamrongthan , who says he puts up between one or two pictures every day on social networks .

The word " +Selfie " designating pictures of ourselves and we usually upload on social networks , was chosen as " word of the year 2013 " by the Oxford English dictionaries , significantly after extended use.

Habits such as caring for people or observe the things around us daily , as well as sports and activities with friends and family , like going to the cinema, traveling, are some of the ideas provided by the doctor to combat addiction " selfies " .

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