Is CashTasks Legit or Scam :-

Well i was wondering to be wondering that how people are into making money they will do search and lot of pain things leaving all worked behind and searching the things which for getting the money.A way to get the money is from cashtasks is very easy but it is giving for 1 dollar per click or so in were you can earn like 1 dollar per spin or 5 dollar or 11 dollar or 17 dollar or 200 dollar per spin it is very true but some times will very great that people getting in the account very easy yeas it showing to tour account when you click on it but i heard lot of things regarding this cash-out problems because i am worked on it like i earned 1000 $ last week full complete the cash out when i redeem the money on 1000$ it says that you need to be upgrades your account to get your money by pay pal it means i need to pay to get the 1000$ it is very paining things that times i was fully surprised that it is showing the scam sign but at last i searched about the things i come to know that yes it is the scam sites and when i contact them they will no reply to single answer so yes it is definitely a scam website do not get sign-up like this website and yes do not waste your important times on this guys be alert from scam website those who asked money to get paid feel that it is 100% scam website so pleased read the things carefully before getting into this website i waste too much times but now i feel very bad but yes i saved from this scam website .

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