Natural Ways to Prevent Mass Eliminate Bad Breath - Bad breath is very disturbing that stung our sense of smell as well as others. Usually the identical assess a person 's mouth odor caused by jengkol or banana , this is the second type of food is the cause of bad breath is the most conspicuous than all other foods . However , if someone does choose jengkol or banana as his favorite food , what can we do ?

Bad breath can be overcome with some natural ways to eliminate bad breath and prevent the easy and effective . His method is to use some natural ingredients and little medical care you need if you want to live free from the problem of bad breath . Here are some natural ways to eliminate and prevent the sting of bad breath that you can try .

Prevent and eliminate bad breath , HOW ?
To prevent bad breath most important thing you do is routine by brushing your teeth at least 4 times that is when waking up , after eating , bathing in the afternoon, and before bed .
Rubbing the top of the tongue with a toothbrush with a view to eliminating the bacteria attached to the papillae of the tongue .
Bad breath can also be prevented by means of gargling salt water or use water regularly betel leaf , for example, 3 times a day is enough .
Frequent consumption of fruits that contain lots of water such as oranges , tomatoes , and coconut .
Plain water can also make you free from bad breath , so do not hesitate to drink mineral water .
Clean tartar , due to anaerobic bacteria are usually lodged in tartar .
Patched perforated teeth as soon as possible , because a lot of people who diligently brushing his teeth but his mouth still smells due to the presence of dental cavities .


1 . Visiting the dentist

A number of bacteria usually form plaques . Therefore we need professionals who can overcome this problem . Then who it was ? Yes of course an expert dentist ,

2 . Stop Smoking

how to prevent bad breath with quitting smoking
Smoking is 100 % no health benefits , there are a lot of germs on cigarettes and smoke . Good for suckers or inhaler smoke , so from now on try to quit smoking because smoking can make your mouth drool shortage .

Thus some easy methods nan simple that you can do . Hopefully all natural way to eliminate bad breath and prevent it can be useful to you ,