My homeland back tears. For the umpteenth time a disaster occurs continuously tempt me country Indonesia Raya . Indonesia's disaster somehow happens continuously .

Her unfinished grief that occurs in Sinabung , erupted again Kelud now . Kelud Indonesia erupted last night time or on Thursday at 22:50 pm . Sounds very powerful explosion , heard up in Kediri within 45 km of the lava dome . Kelud administratively entered the district of Kediri , Malang and Blitar , East Java ,

Kelud is a strato volcano type . The location is at 7 degrees 56 minutes south latitude and 112 degrees 18 minutes 30 seconds east longitude. Kelud has a height of 1,731 meters above sea level .

Kelud volcanic eruptions caused many residents to flee , to areas of adjacent advance of a 30 km radius of seed rain stones and marbles ashfall disrupt visibility , visibility is only capable of 50 m .

Suffice this event for the last time and will not happen again !

I hope that the events that occur in this nation does not happen again to us all . we must improve ourselves each and kept asking wondering why God continues to give us this ordeal . It is much closer to that above . Change our attitude is not good . In order for all these problems do not continue to happen to us .
Come on .. although you do not break the spirit of " earthquake and tsunami " and " volcanoes " PRAY FOR INDONESIA , PRAY FOR Kelud !