Healthy Living!
All the ecological state of our Earth is related to all of our activities.
Healthy lifestyle - it's not at all mean that you are running every day at 6 kilometers in the morning.
That you go to the gym every day and just moving weights.
That you are a vegetarian (which also is not healthy)
Even is it that you do not smoke (it is the hardened Smokers have reached the limit of 120 years)
And a lot of other healthy lifestyle propagandize and usage.
Healthy Living;
Not healthy is it already then when your workout clothes out at the natural seam, or use chemical dyes for clothes. When your household goods from non-natural materials.
And most importantly, you purchase them - and part of, tomorrow throw - not only in the factory that made it polluted nature, but you do it as a user pollute nature, and not doing sparingly with everything.

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