I have been sharing my tips to maximize Swagbucks earnings and hit the daily Swag limit to get the 10% bonus. A Swagbuck is worth 1 cent. So far I have shared about Swagbucks TV mobile(50 SB/Day), Games (10 SB/Day) and the daily poll/NOSO(5 SB/Day). Today I am going to share my strategies for winning bonus points from using their search engine. Swagbucks are rewarded randomly and can be anywhere from a few SB to a hundred. I most commonly win 8 or 9 SB, but I have won up to 59. My strategy is to use the Swagbucks search for a few searches at a time. Continually searching is considered spam and you can get a block against you for doing it. If I haven't won after a few searches, I let it rest and come back in like 20 minutes. You can win multiple times a day, usually 3, but once you win once you have to wait a few hours before you will win again. A good strategy is to replace some of your bookmarks with the Swagbucks search page, so you aren't doing extra work but still performing searches throughout the day.

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