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The story "Lyubov Orlova," which left the Port of Saint John, Canada January 23, was lost when being towed to a scrap yard.

For three weeks in the North Atlantic drift a ship abandoned Russian origin. The ship, the Lyubov Orlova, the name of a movie star of the 30s, had left the Canadian island of Newfoundland on January 23, but the cable that connected to the tug to deliver to scrap Republic Dominican broke the next day, leaving the ship to sea without occupants, infested with rats and very degraded by two years to rust.

The adventures of this ship of 90 meters, built in 1976 and can accommodate 270 passengers, begin in late 2010, when placed into receivership in the Canadian port of St. John. The Russian ship that flies the flag of the Cook Islands, was then hired by the Canadian company Cruise North Expeditions for cruises in the Arctic, in northern Labrador. The 51-member crew had not been paid for five months, and its Russian owner, Locso Shipping, had incurred debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially because a cruise canceled due to technical problems.
A tug dilapidated

Interested after a Norwegian company, which had him back in Europe, the Lyubov Orlova, was acquired in January 2012 by a company based in the Caribbean, then sold 275,000 dollars to Iranian businessman based in Toronto, who hopes to regain his setting with demolition. After a false start in 2012 - the ship is apparently turn due to a fire aboard - the ship finally takes the road of Dominican Republican January 23, 2013, driven by Charlene Hunt, a tug brought State of Rhode Island in the United States via Halifax.

The next day, the tow rope loose, and after vain attempts to recover the ship adrift in waves of 3 meters, the Canadian Coast Guard gave the order to tow back to port. The fact that tug, built in 1962, and obviously in poor condition, has been allowed to tow the Lyubov in winter in rough seas is controversial in Canada. A Canadian blogger, quoted by the website of the Telegram, ensures that the tug was in such disrepair that during his trip from Rhode Island, the Canadian Coast Guard had to pump the water accumulated in the tug to keep afloat, and evacuate the crew.

On January 30, the ship drifting is recovered by a lifeboat from the Hibernia oil platform, which comes dangerously close. The next day, the wreck is assigned to a tug of Transport Canada, the Canadian Maritime Authority. Cable breaks twenty minutes after the transfer, leaving the boat abandoned in international waters. Since everyone seems to have lost track and Transport Canada would no longer be responsible for his fate since he left the territorial waters.
An unknown position

Contacted by AFP Monday, an official of the Canadian Department of Transport, in charge of the case, said he had "no information" on the location of the ship. Similarly, the Transportation Safety Board, which investigates the cable break, has not said whether operations are in progress to determine its position.

Robin Hood The association, in a statement released Thursday, accuses Canada to ignore the plight of the wreck. "Canada now claims he no longer has any responsibility for the fate and wandering the Lyubov Orlova, because it is now in international waters." For the association, the Canadian authorities, however, a "primary responsibility" in drift flagged Cook Islands.

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