I am watching the Wendy Williams show right now I just found out that she is giving away an all expense paid trip to Disney World in Florida! All you have to do is watch and listen for the word of the day, and enter.

If you want a one week all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, go to WendyShow.com to enter. The link is at the top right hand corner of her website. All you have to do is enter your name, email address and the word of the day.

All throughout the month of February, Wendy will be giving multiple chances to win this exciting contest.

In case you are wondering what the word of the day is--it's Gown. Wendy just announced it moments ago while I was still writing this Bubblews post. How exciting.

If you are the special winner of this contest, Wendy Williams will be footing the bill for hotel, food and theme park hopper passes. This exciting contest is a huge giveaway and trip of a lifetime.

Will you be entering this contest? If so, who will you take with you if you win? Wendy allows you to take a total of 4 people on this Disney World adventure.

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