Have you ever heard about this kind of software or maybe read about on some websites or viewed it on yoitube. They are claiming that by using this Paypal Money Adder you will get free money to your paypal account. They even provide proofs that this actually works.

So how did they put money in your acount just by simple clicks on the software? These are works of hackers out there making this kind of sotware. They put ‘ghost‘ money on their account so that to believe that it actually works. And I don‘t think that it really works. These, in my observation are viruses, Trojans for example. The software requires you to enter your paypal log in details so it is not safe to trust and use this kind of software. Because if you did, they can use this details to hack your paypal account and get all your money.

It is obvious that this thing is illegal and will probably banned you if they found it out. Making cash only should not be like this, we should work hard to earn and don‘t rely on making money quick software like this.

Stay away from this and use only trusted and safe method to earn money online.