As a "General Hospital" fan, I have decided to weigh in on the Jason Morgann chaos that is infecting social media across the board. I loved Steve Burton in the role. He has been a huge part of the show for me, considering I am just going to be turning 30 and have watched for as long as I can remember. Jason Quartermaine/Jason Morgan, it is all the same to me. I prefer him as the latter, but many still remember his days as a good kid.

Fans are hoping that Steve Burton will reprise the role. This hasn't changed from the moment he left the scene. There is two problems with this though. One, Steve Burton left on his own because he wanted to and two, he just re-signed with "The Young and the Restless" to continue on as Dylan. It hasn't been confirmed that Jason will be returning to Port Charles, just implied.

Billy Miller has been rumored to be the replacement, which isn't a bad choice. While I would prefer the "real" deal, I will settle for Jason Morgan making the show more interesting. I love the story line and the revival of Victor Cassadine. Kimberly McCullough is forever coming and going and this is one reason fans CAN believe that Robin would run off for--- Jason.