I have to admit Dr. Oz sucked me in last night as I watched the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show. OZ was a kind of fascinating guest as he described his hero moments in recent life. Then the interview turned the corner, and maybe having the guys on the show mold clay into the shape of their poop was going a bit too far. But, Dr. OZ and Jimmy Kimmel sure made a great comedic team to bring +Health_information to unsuspecting viewers. Handing Jimmy Kimmel a little clay and calling on other members of team Kimmel - Dr. Oz proceeded to explain how stool (poop) varies in size according to diet. Watch it here: abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video/PL5520979/_m_VDKA0_jvl67od1

Oz had prepped Kimmel to record a notebook of his diet over the past few days, and of course Super Bowl was the worst day for snacks and unhealthy eating. They then proceeded to compare and show how diet affected stools. TMI - I really don't' want to know the shape, size and texture of Jimmy Kimmel's "screaming" poop. But, it was informative and gotcha thinking. Did you correctly guess the proper poop shape, texture and weight? Did you know that poop should half float?

In the end (pardon the pun) Kimmel was given the large chart to take home and I have to think that perhaps having his face on the chart next to the stool size - is going to give him some good incentives for better diet. I know that incentive might help even me. Kudos Dr. Oz, and now that I am over my prudish thoughts of "how can this be on TV," I really enjoyed the segment (again, pardon the pun).

I guess the questions that I really don't' want answered - is do you have rabbit pellets or normal poop and will Jimmy Kimmel's poop stop screaming with his new diet lifestyle? What changes will you make after watching this short segment? Start recording your diet in a notebook and check yourself! You can join the conversation on Twitter by searching: @DrOz #TheGoodLife . Enjoy your new found knowledge.

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