Great and high-modern buildings were given by Olympic games in Sochi, the city became really modern today. People will see and understand it, those, who are going to visit Olympics in Sochi and who visited Sochi earlier. We are going to start our Olympic building review. Stadiums, ice halls, ski slopes.
Starting with the most enormous project, it's the first in my list and it's considered as the most expensive building in Sochi.

Fisht stadium can be expected the one of the greatest stadium projects for all the history of stadium constructing, trust me, it's not mere chance.

Populous is the most famous architect corporation, many people have heard this name, and exactly this company was busy in constructing. Yankee stadium in New York, Wembley stadium in London and United Center in Chicago - all these projects are Populous babies and. Populous visit cards can give us some image of Fisht. And what can we say about the stadium? Seating cantilevering is 40000 (45000 after Olympic games). His appereance reminds some kind of snow clint, the stadium was named after one of Caucasian mountain ranges, the distinguished roof design was made of longeval light transmission material, it's very important, this thing will protect visitors from foul weather. I can't but say that this construction has some disadvantages, for example, there are just 800 sits for people with reduced capabilities, it's too small, don't you think so?

Fisht will be also able to host football matches ( including 2018 Soccer World Championship). It also can be a great place for concerts and other entertainment events, for example, great exhibitions.

We will look at the Sochi Olympic buildings everyday. Join if you are interested in it. Waiting for your kindly.


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