I came across this blog yesterday. As usual, to me, finding astonishing art and artists is like finding a treasure. It is inspiring. I always wonder about the whys behind the work. What inspired the artists and why did they choose the medium they did? Was it chance or someone who inspired them, or a combination of both?
As an artist and crafts person myself, I know that sometimes what I create comes out of my imagination and sometimes I see something and it just clicks. Art is an expression of what you see and feel.

These incredibly realistic pieces of art look like photographs. The detail and precision is mind blowing. I know and appreciate the amount of work that must go into each creation. I am impressed and appreciative of that. This is talent and dedication combined. It took a lot of practice and dedication to get to this level of artistry. Wow.

Go enjoy their beautiful realistic art. Come back and tell me what you think of it.