Eve is a very important moment and sacred , closed a year old to be transferred to the new year with surprises await . In Vietnam 's spirit , this moment heaven and earth intersect as creating a dense darkness , a sacred blend fully .

In that moment , with the Vietnamese , given to prepare the feast offered to pay their respects to the earth and the ancestors , and the title word " invite " ancestors on Tet . House lit the incense , taste sweet asphyxiation next round trays full of fresh food but bold tradition .

Vietnamese people who worship Eve ?

Vietnamese people believe that every year there is a driver he considers the human Administration , every year , the work itself handed over to other gods , so he sacrificed to practice the old and welcome the new you . Eve Mass was offered in the outdoors is because the visualization tool in minutes old former monarch handing out work to control new king always go military , troops filled the air of the crowded , rush ( but " carnal eyes " It is not visible) , even the military had barely eaten .

Those that moment , the family gave away chicken , cakes , fruits , whole food offerings cold outside , the heart of the sun had bid farewell to the old year and its governing welcome the new heaven and the duty to govern the earth next year . Since the handover , the takeover of the utmost urgency should not be in the position in which the slot Kha bowl tray can only eat a few seconds to stop or carry a hurry , even witness the heart of the host city .

However, each domain of custom trays Eve worship still different strokes .

Eve feast of domain 3

To the north, Eve feast outdoor worship quite full and rich dishes . Especially boiled chicken with green beans away at the lack of salt and chicken feast Eve is usually suck cocks commission . This familiar image also carries a certain spiritual significance . The Vietnamese concept rooster is a symbol of the five virtues : writer , martial , courageous , workers , believers . It is very necessary virtues of a warrior level . Red roses on chicken mouth is his image symbolizes the sun.

Also, according to his conception dad , because Eve ( except President ) night but the sun is the deepest sleep , so should the tools they used to worship roosters than hens with chickens hopes will raise my voice crowed to wake up to the sun in the light-filled , good weather , road money, health ... is radiant , bright . The golden rooster nursery , shiny , bright raspberry resting on the burnished fragrant always in mind everyone Vietnam and it became a beautiful spiritual culture will never fade . In the past , many families also replaced by pig's head rooster , also present , using much less pig's head and is largely mountainous people use .

Besides the lanes, the chicken or the pig's head , the North offered Eve the same square glutinous rice cakes or rice cakes long ( many places are called biscuits , also known as the Southern banh tet ) , jam , betel , areca , wine , water , fruit and votives . These delicious fruits , and fresh to show their respects to the spirits rise , earth spirits , ancestors , such as apples , pears , oranges , tangerines , grapefruit and bananas . Especially fruit banana is indispensable . By following the Five Elements concept , the bananas are green , with spring ( practice carpentry ) . Deer banana as his back hand , to catch the essence of spring for outstanding achievements sweet , it also meant sheltered sheltered . However, picking fruit Eve offered as well as in North Tet 's not too strict about the meaning or taboo as Southerners .

Eve feast offerings in the North , many families also worship boiled eggs , so with a little salt and a bowl of rice porridge white .

As Southerners , they worship Eve both indoors and outdoors . However, Eve feast in the North simply to drive five fruits , flowers or marigold page , life , two candles , incense burners , paper money and gold has a tight fresh coconuts available . Heard , Southern Eve worship today has omitted a number of stages as well as less of the ceremony . If complete and " correct standard" salt ceremony , the wheels must be boiled pig's head , boiled roosters , sticky rice , rice cakes , tea . Especially comes more corn cabbage ... all the formal presentation placed on the table in front of the house . New Year's Eve at the right time , who all have family lighting , candles , pour the wine , and then pray before the court . Currently , there are still ways to maintain family worship full like this .

As for the five fruits tray with Southerners have always taboo and definite meaning , there is simply whether or not . The plate of five fruits Southerners including soursop , coconut ( or coconut ) , papaya , mango , fig , with implications " for supplements ( excluded) spend enough ." Sometimes more pineapple ( South -called " aromatic " ) and usually have to own a pair of watermelons on the side. As more people share , the North is different from family taboo Southerners often breathe through bad name meaning of the fruit tray so they do not have bananas ( for banana tones read as "illegal wool " , implying loss failure ) , orange ( " orange tangerines do bear " ) , pear ( " dragging " ) , apple ( the South called the " bomb " ) , pomegranate ( " grenade " ) and not including durian , though the average South often enjoy eating durian , and choose not left bitter , spicy .

Tray of five fruits Southerners have no bananas

With the Central , Eve ritual outside with sweet incense stuffy , strict radical worship space , everyone in the family in order to stand in line before the altar offering incense Eve . Starting from the moment Eve is always on the altar of anti- light that is spiraling incense . Boiled chicken , sticky rice , rice cakes , sticky buns are also indispensable dish .

But today, many people believe that the yard or indoor ceremony is not important , the key is still the heart of every family . So small gifts to important but not the most important is the Bible. Trays high , wired or simple gifts depending on family circumstances . If only difficult family circumstances a stick of incense , the bowl can not say that is not fully rites . Trays and simple hearty offerings as well as to each member of the family in memory of their ancestors , roots , as well as family reunion moment , sitting revise old has passed away and welcoming together a new year with hope luck will come to surgery family members .