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&FourWalls - Thanks for your insightful feedback, your points are valid.

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Here are the issues I see:

1. Too dang expensive. Here are your options: sit at home in your underwear in a 72-degree living room or "man cave" and watch it for free; or freeze your butt off for a MINIMUM of $1,000 (and more like $10,000 if you actually want to see something other than the bottom of clouds) per ticket at the game.
2. The weather is cold and unpredictable. A few years ago, when the NFL announced they were going to have a Super Bowl in an open-air stadium in a cold weather site a lot of people murmured that it was a "bad idea." That's come true. Will it snow? Will the wind chills be below zero? Will the halftime entertainment have to play with gloves on their hands?
3. Too late. Super Bowls aren't usually held in February. This one is competing with Ground Hog Day. Who's bright idea was that? People are making plans for Valentine's day in February, not Super Bowl Sunday!
4. Bad weather elsewhere. There's a good possibility that if you get TO the game you might not be able to get OUT -- not necessarily due to the bad weather in New York but due to the predicted snow storms for Chicago and the Midwest, the problems they had in Atlanta last week, and so many other weather problems.
5. Maybe the NFL is lying when they say that football is "the new pastime"? Half the teams in the NFL didn't sell out games this year; three PLAYOFF games didn't sell out (in all three cases local companies stepped in and bought the tickets so the games wouldn't be blacked out in the area); nobody gives a hoot in heck about the Pro Bowl anymore; and the Super Bowl isn't sold out? The Stanley Cup finals don't have that problem. The World Series doesn't have the problem. Heck, SOCCER doesn't have that problem.

Or....perhaps the advertisers have succeeded in making it more desirable to watch the Super Bowl at home instead of in person.

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Also the two teams are from the other side of the country - the only people east of the Mississippi River excited are Peyton Manny fans in TN!

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I had no idea the tickets cost so much for the superbowl. I wonder what they will do with all those empty seats.

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